crowns and bridges

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Dental Crown

Teeth damaged by decay or a crack is repaired by using composite (tooth-coloured) filling that may blend in with the natural shade of teeth. When cavities form in the teeth, we simply remove the decayed material and fill the space with white filling material. When a tooth has suffered more damage than a filling can handle or if there are multiple fillings present, then a crown covers the tooth to protect it from further damage. Some of the benefits of dental crown include:

Dental Bridge

Missing teeth or having trouble speaking or chewing? Dental bridges are custom-made tooth replacements bonded to neighbouring teeth or dental implants to create a bridge to cross the area of the missing tooth. When you lose a tooth or teeth, it places a lot of stress on your jaw points and could affect the way you bite or chew, causing pain. Bridges can help restore the bite between upper and lower teeth. Bridges are made from gold, metal, or porcelain to ensure strength. Bridges fill the gaps with natural-looking artificial teeth. Some of the benefits of dental bridge include: